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Hold Harmless Legal Agreement

Purchaser's Agreement / Hold Harmless Agreement:


I agree and understand per this agreement that the items I purchased may not be legal in my state per state and local laws. I further agree that it is my responsibility as purchaser to abide by all state and local laws and agree to release and hold harmless any and all claims and all future claims against Wild Willy's Fireworks, Inc.

This Merchandise is sold upon agreement by the buyer that this merchandise will be used, sold and / or stored in accordance with all state and local laws of the destination of this merchandise. These fireworks are sold upon the condition that the seller shall not be liable for any accident, injury, or arrest that may occur during the transportation, handling, storage, resale, or use of these fireworks.

Fireworks may not contain HAZARDOUS properties or Chemicals.

By accepting the online agreement, I am representing that I am at least 18 years of age and I fully understand the dangers of selling, storing, or using fireworks and am willing to assume full responsibility. I specifically hold harmless Wild Willy's Fireworks, Inc., from any and all claims or liability associated with these fireworks and specifically will not sue the seller, or any agent of the seller. This agreement is executed freely upon purchase and I am aware of the significance and consequences of the specific intent to release and hold harmless any and all claims and future claims against Wild Willy's Fireworks, Inc. and any of its agents.

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