A great performing 6” fountain that is fun for all ages.
One very large neon tube artillery shell break. Colors are purple, pink, lime, blue, or...
#300 Preloaded Reaper Single Shot Tube Packaged 12/1.
An incredible performing 11 3/4” tall” fountain that is fun for all ages.
10 shots of crackling colored pearls. No Spike
10 shot miniature roman candle. No Spike
10 Tube Artillery Shell Launcher - BLACK HDPE
10" Punk Sticks - 100 Pack - This comes packed 100/100 per case
One big parachute.  This the biggest parachute on the market. 10’ perimeter.
100 shots of screaming missiles.
4 boxes of each red, blue, green 10” sparklers.
Mega package of Roman Candles.  High gloss header with bag, very nice packaging.
High flying missile, super fast with mixed aerial effects.
14” Long bamboo sparklers. These morning glory sparklers last approximately 40 seconds ...
16 Shot Happy - Sixteen shots of colored flares with reports.
196 missiles blasting off one after the other!
Don’t let the size of these shells fool you. They pack a punch!
20” in length. 12 pieces of Gold Sparking Fun!
24 Fiberglass Tubes in Wooden Rack 1.9” Shell - BLACK-HDPE
Potent! Emits white smoke.
300 shots of the loud screaming missiles everyone enjoys.
 36” In length. 12 Sparklers in gold sparks.
Each tube produces a dense color of vivid smoke. Each tube lasts over 40 seconds.
4" of sparking power in a four piece bag.
A 40” giant daytime parachute that shoots high in the air that will keep the kids looki...
48 unique shots of color balls shooting straight up into the sky.
5 different effects in each candle.  Combination of Color Tail with Glitter, Dragon Egg...
A vivid white cloud of smoke.
5”  60 gram Nishiki Willow Canister Shells.  Very large unique Willow shells.
 (New design, 5” long, largest breaks available)   New massive 5” shell design.  Maximu...
High flying missiles with mixed aerial effects.
750 shots of loud missiles that get faster as it nears the end. Very Loud!
92 shots jumbo saturn missile.
96 unique shots of color balls shooting straight up into the sky (Great Quality)
Large stick rocket, bag w/header
Red with cherry mine to green/sky blue with cherry.  This is an incredible 200g cake, p...

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