1/ Blue Star to Silver Glitter 2/ Green Comet 3/Gold Willow 4/ Red Peony to Silver Glit...
Case Price (24/1)
A great performing 6” fountain that is fun for all ages.
Case Price (24/6)
One very large neon tube artillery shell break. Colors are purple, pink, lime, blue, or...
Case Price (12/6)
#300 Preloaded Single Shot Tube Packaged 12/1.
Case Price (12/1)
An incredible performing 11 3/4” tall” fountain that is fun for all ages.
Case Price (72/1)
1” Cracker  These little crackers pack a big punch. Water proof fuses allow them to blo...
Case Price (100/100)
10 shots of crackling colored pearls. No Spike
Case Price (36/4)
10 shot miniature roman candle. No Spike
Case Price (80/12)
10 Tube Artillery Shell Launcher - BLACK HDPE
10" Punk Sticks - 100 Pack - This comes packed 100/100 per case
One big parachute.  This the biggest parachute on the market. 10’ perimeter.
Case Price (24/1)
100 shots of screaming missiles.
Case Price (30/1)
4 boxes of each red, blue, green 10” sparklers.
Case Price (24/12/8)
Mega package of Roman Candles.  High gloss header with bag, very nice packaging.
Case Price (12/12)
High flying missile, super fast with mixed aerial effects.
Case Price (18/4)
14” Long bamboo sparklers. These morning glory sparklers last approximately 40 seconds ...
Case Price (360/6)
16 Shot Happy - Sixteen shots of colored flares with reports.
Case Price (48/1)
196 missiles blasting off one after the other!
Case Price (16/1)
Don’t let the size of these shells fool you. They pack a punch!
Case Price (40/6)
20” in length. 12 pieces of Gold Sparking Fun!
Case Price (24/12)
24 Fiberglass Tubes in Wooden Rack 1.9” Shell - BLACK-HDPE
Potent! Emits white smoke.
Case Price (144/1)
300 shots of the loud screaming missiles everyone enjoys.
Case Price (12/1)
 36” In length. 12 Sparklers in gold sparks.
Case Price (12/12)
Each tube produces a dense color of vivid smoke. Each tube lasts over 40 seconds.
Case Price (48/4)
4" of sparking power in a four piece bag.
Case Price (4/30/4)
A 40” giant daytime parachute that shoots high in the air that will keep the kids looki...
Case Price (20/4)
48 unique shots of color balls shooting straight up into the sky.
Case Price (80/1)
5 different effects in each candle.  Combination of Color Tail with Glitter, Dragon Egg...
Case Price (24/4)
A vivid white cloud of smoke.
Case Price (50/1)
5”  60 gram Nishiki Willow Canister Shells.  Very large unique Willow shells.
Case Price (12/6)
 (New design, 5” long, largest breaks available)   New massive 5” shell design.  Maximu...
Case Price (4/24)
High flying missiles with mixed aerial effects.
Case Price (48/3)
750 shots of loud missiles that get faster as it nears the end. Very Loud!
Case Price (2/1)
92 shots jumbo saturn missile.
Case Price (15/1)
96 unique shots of color balls shooting straight up into the sky (Great Quality)
Case Price (80/1)

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