Roman Candles

10 shots of crackling colored pearls. No Spike
10 shot miniature roman candle. No Spike
5 different effects in each candle.  Combination of Color Tail with Glitter, Dragon Egg...
5 Different effects in each candle.  Combination of color tail with glitter, dragon egg...
140 shots of assorted color pearls with loud bangs. Sounds like a Gatling Gun!
Bag w/header - 2 of each with 6 different effects.
Every candle shoots 5 smaller than normal parachutes. Another incredible daytime device.
Classic 10 ball candle with report.
66 shots w/spike. Bright bushy comet tails trail every shot, very neat item!
196 Shots w/Spike | Super bright neon colors.
Flashing thunder, big and loud. 10 Shot

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