Spinners & Flyers

Artificial Satellite- A small spinning disk that lifts into the air emitting sparks. 12...
Flys into the air finishing with a blast.
Spins on the ground in high speed emitting sparks, ends with strobe.
Spins on the ground as it emits sparks along with a loud screeching sound as the saucer...
Sizzle, smoke and dancing sparks
Spinners twirl on ground in high speed. Ends with loud crackling.
Spins around emitting sparks before lifting off skyward.
Massive ground bloom, jumbo sized. Bag with Header
Giant version of an “Artificial Satellite”
Classic multicolored ground flower.
It spins red,green sparks with loud report.
3 layers of jet fighters. One takes off of the other.
Jumping Jacks- These original spinning novelties emit sparks of red and green. 
Flying saucer disc spins fiercly on ground before lifting off into outer space.
These little bugs spin on the ground with a whistling effect, then swirl high into the ...
Baby bee spin on ground, launch to sky, follow with mommy bee. Ends with a spray of cra...
A nice wide spray of silver sparks as this ethereal ship takes off into outer space.
Six 3” planes fly skyward with an explosion deploying a parachute.
(4pc bag w/header) Spins on ground then bursts into color pearls.
These little gyros whirl on the ground and fly into the night.
Spins fiercly on ground then lifts off ground and ends with a big band. 4pk
Small helicopter bees look red when the take flight.
This item spins into the air with a loud whizzing sound. Great effect!
Sunflower Large (Box of 6) - Fly's in the air while emitting sparks.
Flying aerial disc with unique effects.
Flying spaceships.
Whistling Chaser makes a loud noise as it flies skyward.
This helicopter spins into the sky ending in a loud bang.
These little items spin high into the sky at lightening speeds. Lite one or the whole p...

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