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  • $ 99.99
    Flashing Fireworks

    5X Mega Canister Shell

    New massive 5” shell design. Maximum load 60g canister shell, this is the biggest breaking shell we sell! Largest breaks allowed by law.

  • $ 3.50
    Flashing Fireworks

    96 Shot Color Pearl

    96 unique shots of color balls shooting straight up into the sky (Great Quality)

  • Saturn Missile 25 Shot
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    Flashing Fireworks

    Saturn Missile 25 Shot

    25 shots of shrieking loud missiles. Individually wrapped.

  • $ 25.00
    Flashing Fireworks

    Lightning Storm

    Lightning Storm - 12 Shots of blue tail rising up to gold willow, brocade crown and silver. Ending with 3 shots together.

  • $ 55.50
    Flashing Fireworks

    Ape Escape

    Blue mine to red pearl with special white glitter.

  • Snappers
    from $ 0.59
    Flashing Fireworks


    An old time favorite for all ages. This item comes packaged 6/50/50.

  • $ 11.50
    Flashing Fireworks

    Chicken Dance

    16 Shots - Unique colors of brocade crowns with crackle.

  • $ 84.99
    Flashing Fireworks

    Professional Display Shell

    60 Gram Canister Shell (brown box) Comes with 4 heavy duty fiberglass shooters tubes.

  • from $ 22.50
    Flashing Fireworks

    High And Mighty

    High And Mighty 24 Pack 60 Gram Canister Shell, 4 fiberglass shooters tubes. 6 Pack 60 Gram Canister Shell 6 Pack box w/window. Comes packag...

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  • $ 89.99
    Flashing Fireworks

    Viper Shell

    24 Pack (60 Gram Canister Shell) 24 shots of the Best Professional Grade 60 Gram shells on the market. This kit comes packed with 4 professional fi...

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  • $ 11.50
    Flashing Fireworks

    Grapes of Wrath

    16 Shots of purple and green and white strobes finishing with a 3 shot finale.

  • $ 89.99
    Flashing Fireworks

    Blaze of Glory

    Red strobe comet; green strobe comet; gold strobe comet; silver strobe comet; red tail to brocade crown with crackling.

  • $ 1.50
    Flashing Fireworks

    Campfire Color Changer

    Throw a packet into a camp fire and it turns any campfire into beautiful colors.

  • 40 Giant Parachute
    from $ 3.50
    Flashing Fireworks

    40" Giant Parachute

    A 40” giant daytime parachute that shoots high in the air that will keep the kids looking to the sky.

  • Single Day Parachute
    from $ 0.85
    Flashing Fireworks

    Single Day Parachute

    Shoots one colorful parachute high into the sky that children love to retrieve.

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