Potent! Emits white smoke.
Case Price (144/1)
Each tube produces a dense color of vivid smoke. Each tube lasts over 40 seconds.
Case Price (48/4)
A vivid white cloud of smoke.
Case Price (50/1)
Assortment of colored clay smoke balls.
Case Price (20/12/6)
Assortment of large colored clay smoke balls.
Case Price (8/12/3)
Bright orange smoke.  High quality metal can.  Very dense smoke.
Case Price (8/12/3)
Beautiful & Dense Pink Smoke. Long lasting!
Case Price (72/2)
These grenades require no fire to ignite them. Just pull the string and throw it, and w...
Case Price (96/1)
The traditional 12 pack of clay color smoke balls packed 6 in a box. Great color and du...
Case Price (20/12/6)
Daytime multi-shot cake w/smoke comets
Case Price (4/1)

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