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New For 2021

New Items for the 2021 Season!
  • Bone Saw by Flashing Fireworks
    $ 54.50
    Flashing Fireworks

    Bone Saw

    This brilliant fan cake is a fan-favorite! Red mine blast red peony, green mine blast green peony, blue mine blast blue peony, purple mine blast pu...

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  • Crank It Up by Flashing Fireworks
    $ 192.00
    Flashing Fireworks

    Crank It Up!

    Excellent finale cake with 168 shots! Red, white, blue tail. Silver tail to blue, lemon and red plum. Red tail to blue with white glitter. Purple w...

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  • Crown Jewels by Flashing Fireworks
    $ 169.95
    Flashing Fireworks

    Crown Jewels

    Show them who’s KING with this amazing, 168-shot sprinkler cake! Red white blue, silver tiger tail, blast red coco with crackling, red tail blast r...

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  • Dead Mans Hand by Flashing Fireworks
    $ 67.50
    Flashing Fireworks

    Dead Man's Hand

    Your display show will be aces with this spectacular 500 gram cake! Red wave green strobe pistil, yellow wave white strobe pistil, green wave red s...

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  • Demons Wrath by Flashing Fireworks
    $ 96.50
    Flashing Fireworks

    Demons Wrath

    Feel the wrath with this 500 gram fan cake that shoots alternate gold and blue bouquet mines to huge brocade crowns, and red and blue glittering wi...

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  • Military Grade by Flashing Fireworks
    $ 47.50
    Flashing Fireworks

    Military Grade

    Hard-hitting color glitter bouquet to color dahlia and color glitter. Impressive 500 gram cake!

  • Moon Nuggets by Flashing Fireworks
    $ 28.95
    Flashing Fireworks

    Moon Nuggets

    This unique 500 gram roman candle cake holds over 200 shots! Titanium silver chrysanthemum with 4D shape brocade coco tail to titanium silver chrys...

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  • Release the Beast by Flashing Fireworks
    $ 64.50
    Flashing Fireworks

    Release the Beast

    Release YOUR inner beast with our new 500 gram cake that contains powerful breaking brocades to red and sky blue with green glitter, brocade to ora...

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  • Ring of Fury by Flashing Fireworks
    $ 106.50
    Flashing Fireworks

    Ring of Fury

    This 500 gram cake will bring ALL the oooo's and aaahhh's to your next fireworks display show! Huge circular bursts and timed color tips that creat...

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  • Rubix Box by Flashing Fireworks
    $ 56.75
    Flashing Fireworks

    Rubix Box

    Watch those colors fly! Gold titanium willow with red, gold titanium willow with green, gold titanium willow with blue, gold titanium willow with p...

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  • Vikings Vengeance by Flashing Fireworks
    $ 65.50
    Flashing Fireworks

    Vikings Vengeance

    This gorgeous 20-shot 500 gram cake shoots charcoal palm with blue mine to charcoal palm with purple dahlia; charcoal palm with blue mine to glitte...

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