New For 2020

New Items for the 2020 Season

Row 1 brocade crown lance + red crossette, row 2 blast blood red, cyan, blue, row 3 sil...
Case Price (4/1)
Blue star silver spring, red star white chrys, blue star crackle flower, red, green sta...
Case Price (24/1)
Red and silver time rain, green and silver time rain.
Case Price (24/1)
100 shots of fast color pearls,ending with asilver comet tail!
Case Price (40/1)
Silver palm, purple,blue and crackle, blue with gold crackle, gold fish and crackle, si...
Case Price (3/1)
Brocade crown with red star, white strobe, gold willow with blue star, brocade crown w...
Case Price (12/1)
Nishiki willows with teal,green and peach.
Case Price (4/1)
This ghost train goes off the rails in a rapid firing 26 shot 200 gram display.
Case Price (12/1)
Purple, orange, garnet and cyan stars to red clubs. Ends with a four-shot finale of lem...
Case Price (4/1)
1, Brocade Crown With White Strobe, Gold Crown With Green Strobe 2, Red/blue Peonies, P...
Case Price (1/6)
A very high quality dense crackling 200g cake.
Case Price (12/1)
2” silver brocade crown and gold willow.
Case Price (4/1)
Red fountain with crackle.
Case Price (96/1)
Crackling mine to crackle, cherry, gold cherry, crackle with cherry.
Case Price (4/1)
Row 1 4 blast red, blue white strobe, row 2 4 3 fan shape,red green purple sizzling tai...
Case Price (12/1)
1. Green wave, 2. Green peony, 3. Purple peony, 4 Red/blue, 5. Red wave, 6. Sky blue peony
Case Price (12/1)
132 Shots - White strobe bouquet to red, green, yellow, purple palm, brocade crown, sil...
Case Price (2/1)
Red tail to red palm and white strobe, red tail to green palm with crackle, red tail to...
Case Price (12/1)
Alternate red, green, yellow blue crackling crossette stars. 5 Waterfall spray in diff...
Case Price (1/1)
Description coming soon
Case Price (30/1)
500g cakes of the Venom Series. A 2500g Finale! * King Cobra * Anaconda * Black Mamba ...
Case Price (5/1)
Individual Rocket Effects of Strobing White Willow, Green with Crackle, Blue & Gold...
Case Price (24/5)

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