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Get More BANG For Your BUCK With
Wild Willy's Fireworks!

Visit us at our newest indoor air-conditioned location in Greenwood Nebraska (352 Highway 6)! We will be open from 9am - 10pm, June 25th - July 4th!

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Get more BANG for your BUCK! Visit any one of our 2014 locations, including our indoor cooled superstore in Springfield, NE!

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Wild Willy’s Fireworks is pleased to announce the introduction of Tannerite Exploding Rifle Targets!

Tannerite Exploding Rifle Targets

Wild Willys Fireworks now has in stock ½ pound and 1 pound exploding rifle targets. These items can be sold year round and can be shipped directly to your door because they are considered a non hazardous material. If you love loud explosions and own a rifle in a .223 caliber or higher, then these targets are for you.

Look for these items exclusively sold in each Wild Willys Fireworks locations, or you may pick them up from our distribution warehouse located at 17105 So. Hwy 50, Springfield NE from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday – Friday.

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Wild Willy's Fireworks Stand Locations and Fireworks

Wild Willy's Fireworks is your premier destination for the best selection of sparklers, firecrackers, missiles, rockets, punks, strobes, artillery shells, fountains, small cakes, large cakes, mines, novelties, spinners, flyers, roman candles, and almost any other spectacular fireworks you are looking for. Wild WIlly's Fireworks has fireworks stands in Omaha, Papillion, LaVista, Bellevue, Ralston, Plattsmouth, Springfield, Lincoln, Norfolk, Palmer, Blair, and Fort Calhoun Nebraska.

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